500 hearts on etsy....

For those of you who might not be familiar with ETSY, I will explain, but for those who are, my "hearts" reached 500 yesterday....this seems to be a bit of a landmark for some...for me it is just fun! Etsy is a humongous website full of almost 200,000 different and individual shops, featuring handmade products from all over the globe, sold directly to you by the artists themselves.  It represents the zeitgeist of the handmade movement affectionately dubbed DIY or 'do it yourself', yet has grown to include artists and artisans from all walks of life, from seasoned professionals from the crafts boom of the late 1960's- to early 1970's . I currently use my shop there as the shopping cart componenet of my website.With the boom of web 2.o, things are happening for artists never before imagined. For starters, you can 'represent' yourself! In etsyland, folks speak, "etsyian" a dialect all its own. Instead of an e mail or inquiry, one sends "convos". And when you like someones' shop, or a particular item you mark the spot electronically, with a little heart, thereby "hearting" someone. On etsy, hearting is a VERB....just like love should be!....I thank you kind readers and art appreciators for stopping by my shop and offering me 500 shout outs...it feels good to be so appreciated! Stay tuned....I shall be posting a give-o-way contest in celebration tomorrow!
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