A winter solstice lunar eclipse........

Tomorrow there will be something  in the heavens that has not occurred for 372 years, and we are all here to be a part of it....a total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice! ( 12:32 -5:03 EST....NASA will be streaming it live, and taping it too, if you miss it)........ The Ancients believed that a dragon in the devoured the moon during an eclipse.... there  were  also many legends explaining why it reappeared. But really, the solstice, for me, marks the shift from light ( summer) to dark ( winter)...a time for slumber and rejuvenation. Such passages can mark the end of something...and every ending means a new beginning. Winter is a great time for self reflection, and seeking out or observing patterns of emotion and behaviors.  According to astrologers, a total lunar eclipse, amplifies opportunities for transformation. Some believe the electromagnetic fields between the sun and the moon are weakened, thus allowing easier shifts of consciousness in our hearts and minds....I don't know if this is true, but I do know that if we allow ourselves to travel deep inside to our darkest corners, that is where we can really hear the voices of our animal instincts. What do your instincts tell you about yourself?..listen, really listen......are you a scientist, artist, warrior, peacemaker, inventor, farmer, spiritual visionary? Our work is to hear those instincts and follow them, as these are the gifts you bring with you to this life. Hear them, claim them, own them, and walk them out into the light. Wear them on your sleeve, if that is what you can muster. namaste....and enjoy a moondance!
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