Cinco cosas que usted puede no saber acerca de mí...

kerin rose, dandelion, jewelry kerin rose, Henry, jewelry Five things you may not know about me.... - I am a recovering cheese-aholic.  I have never met a cheese I did not like.  As a result of this, I am not allowed to be near cheese. EVER.  I cannot eat just a taste, or I fall off the wagon. Once I was at a craft show, it was slow,  and the artist across from me, offered me cheese and some crackers. I said 'no thank you ' and explained my, ahem,  'issue' to him and he shared with me the fact that cheeses actually have chemicals in them that behave like OPIATES in the brain.  NO WONDER  I have a problem. So please, no cheese for the Kerin! - I play two musical instruments...the cello and the bassoon. Needless to say, no body wanted to jam with me in high school! -I have a thing for rodents ( as pets!) a kid I had 40  pet mice, all at the same time. Each one had a name, I even got in big trouble in elementary school for bringing one of them, by the name of Chiclet to school with me. Alan S. wherever you are, if I ever see you I am going to pinch you as hard as I can for telling on me....:)  I would love some guinea pigs right now, but I am afraid Henry will think I have brought him an awesome snack. -I am personally responsible for a few of David Letterman's wacko stunts on late night tv.  The Alka Seltzer suithuman sponge, velcro and magnet suits were all of my 'doing'. In another life, I was a costume designer for film and TV and  have many stories to tell about those times! -I am a jewelry artisan by accident. I actually wanted to take a ceramics class at the "Y" , but when my mom took  me to register, it was full, so she put me in copper enameling instead. Apparently I was a bit of a prodigy, and became the teacher's apprentice....the rest is history. Okay gentle readers....that's what I've got for now! Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the summer season...solstice is coming soon. xo K  
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