My heart......

Lolita, kerin rose, lovePlease everyone, whatever your beliefs or path might be, could you send a blessing,light a candle, say a prayer, or  simply send  a smile to my beautiful girl?....she is on her journey as I write heart aches so, I can barely speak.. so  I am taking a small break to quiet my heavy heart and gather's the silence that is filling the space that she occupied that feels so unbearable.....there is an Inuit proverb that someone once told me that goes like this:

"Perhaps they are not stars, but holes in the sky, where the love of our lost ones  pours through and shines down on us, to let us know they are happy"

I am holding on so tightly to this

I will be looking out for her tonight


with love as big as the widest ocean


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She is and was so beautiful and your love so pure.
My heart breaks for you and I know she is traveling safe across that bridge.


Lighting a candle for her before the sun sets, all love, all blessings. I know she received and held so much love in this life, and that love with ripple through you forever.

Holding tight for you Kerin. Tight and close by.


She and you will remain in my heart…prayers sent for her and for you as well my dear friend…we shall all meet up with our loved ones as long as we remember them! I don’t know what to say really…I am sorry! xoxo


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