It has been said that purple has a sacred place in our culture. Purple is mysterious, noble, spiritual. It is created by combining a strong warm color (red) with a cool one (blue). As such, purple boasts the qualities of both, a perfect hybrid. Sleeping and working in a purple room is said to boost creativity; meditating in one can effect a speedier connection to the divine. According to the Luscher color test, folks who love purple as their most favorite tend to be a little eccentric! Purple can be as  reassuring as blue,  yet retains its mystery and holds the excitement of red!
  Regardless, in the spirit of this momentous time in American history, ( sorry, but I am still brought to tears every time I see the brand new first familia on the telly!) I must offer a shameless promotion to my sis, and her beekeeping partner Michael, who created this fab t-shirt in honor of the inauguration! Featuring all 50 states in MY favorite color (guess?), with a peace symbol in the center, it reads  "01/20/17  Obama's Last Day - eight years of Hope, Peace and Change ". Sort of their personal take on the ubiquitous bumper stickers we saw, proclaiming you-know-who's last day. More importantly, aside from their message that they desire President Obama to stick around for 2 terms, the bigger message is one of solidarity....
no more red, no more blue! thy neighbor, pull together...if it hasnt been clearly demonstrated enough, we are living in a global economy, in a global culture in many ways...this tool I am writing to you on has made it so... time to become one tribe, the tribe of human-it-tee, time to show our truest colors, to be forward thinking.... no more "red state, blue state".Be purple!'s TIME!...available in men's and women's cuts, you can read more about their story, get your own, and spread the word here!
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