st christopher redux.....

kerin rose, st christopher medallion, custom workI'm feeling kind of accomplished to day, as I have sent off this custom piece to its new is a surprise wedding gift, for a man who travels a, St Christopher, patron Saint of travellers is ensconced in the the center of this features four crossbars, that  are metaphorical like a compass of the four cardinal directions ( north, south, east, west), so as to ensure that the love of this brides' life will always find his way home!....the crossbars are set with four black diamonds; the piece has some personal engraving on the back that I'm not gonna share, and swings from a jump ring that I hand carved myself. Part of the concept was that the entire piece appear to be like an ancient coin. I have to say, this is absolutely my most favorite kind of custom work...something so wholly original and personal and bucking the trend of a plain old run-o-the-mill wedding band....hurrah!  This piece took many hours of work, but oh-so-gratifying... As for this weekend, we are in full-swing leaf peeping season, here in I've got a bit of that on my agenda ( will most definitely share some pics) and goin' pumpkin hunting for sure...personally, I favor the squatty wide worries, I will be gentle with them! :) What's on your  relaxation agenda?
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