thoughts of the season....

I've been pondering a bit about the season, and wondering how everything around us seems to 'rev up' into a feeling of stress and frenzy...of gift giving, obligatory socializing, 
( office party anyone?), and a mindset that is antithetic to what its all supposed to be about....I was thinking about how important it is to STOP and consider 'gifting' in a less concrete sense...
In my work, I have charged myself with the task of creating talismans for others... talismans meant to bring out and amplify the unique gifts that each and every wearer brings to the world....I am wondering...could we all pause for a moment and think,  "what is the unique gift that I bring to the universe?"...could it be your creativity? do you bake a mean carrot cake? ( I do!) ...can you take photographs that touch others' hearts? you volunteer your precious time?...are you the person in a room that will take a wayward insect outside? you sing like an angel?.... do you smile at strangers?
I suppose what I am getting at here is the idea that, yes, this is the season for giving, but more than anything, not necessarily in the material realm. Spend some time making great conversation with friends...listen to them as if they are, at that moment, the most important person in the universe....

Try to forever listen with an open mind, and respond deeply from the heart.

It is the most beautiful gift you could ever give anyone, and it lasts a lifetime.Give the gift of YOU.

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