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Adinkra stack cuffs

This quadruplet set of Argentium eco silver cuffs are hand carved from beeswax and hand cast, sold together……can be special ordered as singletons, just inquire!

The star like symbol in the simpler cuff is a West African Adinkra symbol called “nsoroma”…

it means “child of the heavens”….leaves are for ‘growth’ and squares represent ‘foundation’…the slim dot cuff represents the sun, giver of light…Adinkra symbols are ubiquitous in the West African country of Ghana….originally printed on fabric called ‘talking cloth’, the patterns of symbols are meant to tell the story of someone’s life….

All cuffs are standard 6 1/2" diameter

leaf and stone pattern cuffs are 1/2 " wide
Nsoroma cuff is 5/8"

they look beautiful together, like one big “wonder woman” bracelet, or mixed and matched
with things you already might own!

These bracelets are a set…the price is for all 4

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