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River spirit stack rings


River spirit stack rings.

River spirits believe in the twinned powers of creativity and time.If you are a river spirit, you know that patience is a virtue, and often, what may seem like 'stuckness' (of the psychic or physical sense), is simply you, an incubation period. During these times in your life, you gather the powerful forces of both your heart and mind....let it all marinate.....and then, wow, can you make something happen! Think about rivers. Think Grand Canyon. A river will sculpt and carve it's way through a landscape, becoming ever more mighty to fulfill its true purpose of delivering water. The life force, to the recesses of Mother Earth that need it most. Slowly, incrementally, carving out a space...building momentum, bit by bit...until your power is undeniable. You are born of water.You are a river, and the river is you.

For you I have created a set of 3 stacking rings, whose curvaceous lines will move around on your finger and remind you of the fluidity of life.....and the strength within you, flowing like a mighty river...and your knowledge that creativity and patience will nurture you to your true path.

Hand carved of beeswax, and then hand cast in recycled sterling silver these rings are a great addition to any ring collectors cache, as they wear well alone, or as extra embellishment with other rings you might own

Each ring is approx. 3.5 mm wide,together, you end up with a striking 'band' almost 11 mm high, so please size up if you are planning to wear all 3 at once.

From my hands to your heart.

Embellish your soul.

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