We dream of leaving the world a better place by naturing the values of non-violence, equality, compassion and love

 We believe in seva, which loosely, is the Sanskrit word for the idea of selfless service for the betterment of community…and since our community embraces humans, animals and our home planet, we do whatever we can to promote sustainable, responsible commerce and service.

eco friendly and sustainable precious metals
We create our jewelry exclusively from 100% reclaimed and recycled silver and gold. All scrap created by our jewelry making process is returned back to the ‘cycle.’ We actively educate others about the harmful and unnecessary practice of mining for, and plating of precious metals. You can learn more about the devastating effect mining and its chemicals has on our environment here:

ethical stones
We purchase stones exclusively from dealers who adhere to socially responsible practices, sell only Kimberly process certified diamonds.
earth stewardship
We keep our workspace as green as possible, purchasing carbon offsets yearly for our electricity and shipping energy use, ( the funds for which are returned to tribes in the US building sustainable wind power plants. Using packaging from recycled paper, we make every attempt to minimize paper and chemical use in our processing systems. We also attempt to educate as much as possible around the issue of honeybee die off by using beeswax for our carvings as a jumping off point for awareness. Learn more about this issue at and
animal rescue
We donate to animal rescue associations, that are dedicated to the rehabilitation and sanctuary of homeless and abused animals. The sales profits of our Lolita’s milagro pet tags goes towards this.


We are committed to leaving the world a better place… through the promotion of values of equality, nonviolence, compassion and love…

Everyone is welcome here