'The Joneses' Stars Demi Moore And David Duchovny Talk Consumerism

April 17, 2010

I found this great synopsis of The Joneses online....you can check out this link to read more about the film's premise.....just brilliant....I am so excited ( going to see in tonite with some friends after homemade pizza and salad)....I suppose there is some little bit of irony, as I do make pretty things, and I do want people to covet and buy them. After all, its my art form, but its also how I make my living. On the other hand, my hope and dream is that the deciding to purchase a piece of my jewelry is really very conscious and from the heart...filling a need for a personal talisman or amulet....a piece of art to embellish your soul....anyhoo...check this MTV link out...very interesting...I shall report more tomorrow about my experience of the film! Here is a link to the whole article:

'The Joneses' Stars Demi Moore And David Duchovny Talk Consumerism

Just a small sampling of  my jewelry that was pulled for use in the film (20 pieces total were sent)....cannot wait to see where some of it will show up! OOOH, we are gonna have us some popcorn too...wish you all could come with me :)
PS OKAY, so here's a funny...the film broke ( I am not kidding!) and we could not see the last 5 min.!...if anyone sees it and knows how it ends, could you e mail me and let me know!!!!!!!) :)

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