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Kerin Rose

Bohdi leaf necklace Vermont donation pre-order ready in 2-3 weeks

Bohdi leaf necklace Vermont donation pre-order ready in 2-3 weeks

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My beautiful Vermont, a little emerald gem of a state has been devastated in the past week by catastrophic floods, which have severely impacted the entire state. In an effort to provide financial support to my community, I am offering for pre- order (hopefully 2-3 weeks)  my Bodhi leaf pendants.  100% of the profits  from the purchase of these necklaces will go to:

Vermont Disaster Relief Fund

Vermont Flood Response and Recovery Fund

Northeast Organic Farmers Association

Vermont has been broken, but one thing  we are experts at is growing things, and we will rebuild. 

About your pendant necklace:

It has been said it was under the shade of the Bohdi tree that Buddha sat quietly and had his first encounter with enlightenment…that being said, you can now carry this beautiful leaf as a reminder of what we all can achieve with practice! It is sculptural on both the front and the back, so when it turns around, you see a mirror image on both sides.

Hand carved in beeswax, and cast in recycled eco friendly recycled sterling silver, this pendant is approx. 1 1/8" long and 5/8" at widest point.

18" sterling silver wheat chain. 

Thank you in advance for helping with our recovery efforts. Vermont is a special place. Sending so much love!

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