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Well, good things have to some times come to an end....I am doing a little spring cleaning to make room in both my mind, and my shop for some new designs! After a lot of thought, I've decided that my Ki collection has reached enough 'mass' that I am no longer going to create it. For those of you who may not know, everything I do is in limited edition, ( like prints!) so beyond a certain point, I destroy the mold, and that is that! Hand carved in beeswax, and hand cast using the method of cire perdue, these recycled sterling silver pretties are finished to a natural shine and engraved with patinaed flowers and spirals, both front and back. Ki or Chi, is our life energy. Spirals, to connect with the eternal, and flowers, symbolic of continual growth and renewal.....viva la Spring!....20% off, all pieces of this collection, in my etsy shop only ( not my regular site)....if you have been eyeing these at all, the time is now!

p.s. going to see Rosemary Gladstar speak later to-day! She is the Queen, no, the Goddess, no, like the guardian angel of the herbalist movement...she is going to talk about preserving  or rather becoming stewards of healing plants for the future so that we do not lose them and their wisdom....
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