A celestial tea party......

kerin rose, necklace, recycled, sterling silver, sun, moon, starsA new iteration of some previous carvings...a celestial tea party of sorts, and the sun, the moon and the stars are all in attendance! I have been  wanting to do a new version of my pearl lariat necklace for the longest time, and this afternoon, was finally able to get to it...this is a fairly powerful pendant, not for the faint of heart, as the sun and the moon represent universal power and life force in so many cultures throughout time. Without the sun, there would be no life at all. The sun is often seen as a 'masculine' energy, while the moon, its'  'feminine' counterpoint or balance. ( and lets not forget how the moon regulates the tides, influencing water and weather). I like to  think of the stars as their glitterati children, by which we navigate, both literally, and figuratively. Flip over the sun pendant, and you will see two of them a shooting across the skies. More photos are in my shop, if you would like to see the details....... We are nearing the end of our incredible fall foliage season, but I am hoping to take one last 'leaf peeping' drive this week end and the plan is to return with some photos to share....a friend recently commented on how much she loves "the transitional seasons"....it made me realize that I do too....something about a season that carries you along on a sea of change just feels so lovely....like anything can happen.... Yoga class, some Thai soup ( tom kha, to be exact) and a ball of yarn are in my future tonight...wishing you all a glorious week end of your own, wherever you may be... may the sun, moon and stars shine ever so brightly in your direction... always, Kerin
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