A haiku.....and a metaphor.....

kerin rose, coneflower if you seek to change the nature of a flower the truth will carry ------------------ Purple coneflower, aka echinacea, just happens to be one of my absolute favourite perennials that grow here...in the last two or three seasons, the local nursery has been teeming with 'new' variations of colour....crimson orange, coconut lime, harvest moon yellow, green n'burgundy,  deep red!....with gusto I forked over premium prices to add to my beloved 'collection' of fleurs. I justified the expense, telling myself that every year they would return, thinking about all the pleasure they would bring!...this summer, something funny  began to happen... the foliage is fine, the plants are flowering, but ( see exhibit 'A' photo above!) as the blossoms begin to mature, they are reaching their final stage in the dominant purplish pink that is the 'norm' for this plant!...off to the garden supply I went, only to learn that these plants had been 'altered' in some way that they could not explain, and that they were not actually the carriers of some new gene for colour! Being a person who tends to make sense of life in metaphors, I suppose the moral of the story here is to always remember that  our true essence always shines through, we need to be loved exactly as we are, and a flashy exterior is sometimes unnecessary...let your truth shine,as it is beautiful...coneflower is such a powerful healer... I suppose it doesn't need 'fancy clothes'?! AH! I had such grand plans...and I now I  have a HUGE swath of pink,pink and more pink in my garden! Have a gorgeous week end...namaste..
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