a little vacation......

It is hard for me not to be a trouper sometimes...but I have to admit, the winters here are not truly my cup o' tea...and round about this time of year, I have quite simply HAD it...
on my way to Montpelier ( btw, this town has the honor of being the smallest state capitol in the country!) to swap some inventory for a boutique there that sells my work, I stopped and grabbed me some  lunch in one of my favorite places, Gardener's Supply Co.
Not only do they have just about anything under the sun that you could ever want or need to grow your own food, or make an amazing garden, but there is a cafe inside. You can grab yourself one of the many soups they make every day, or just a cup of tea, and you can take it and enjoy smack in the middle of their green houses, where they have seating and a koi pond to boot.
That half hour of sippin' and enjoying a cup of carrot ginger soup was almost (almost!) as good as a mini vacation to some isle in the Carribean!...well, not quite, but I am sure those of you who live in colder climes, know exactly what I am talking about here...
Its the little things! :)
I think if I did not make jewelry for a living, the next thing I might choose, (after being a famous children's book author) is working here and talking to the plants..
isn't that a job?...you know, hanging out, discussing the problems of being root bound, what it's like to have a southern exposure, how much fun it is to flower...
c'mon, you and me...lunch?

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