A simple ring with the deepest meaning....

kerin rose, jewelry, deep love ring, silver , 14K gold, handmade

This is what I have to show for my week end...a completed project, fueled by the imagination of a lovely longtime customer and friend....I cannot take credit for this concept. She asked me for a simple band, reminiscent of my river spirit ring trio with a 14k red gold heart hidden somewhere on the inside. Though I would love to say "voila!" here it  is, it took a bit of   'doing' on my part to get the heart recessed just so, so that it would puff out a tiny tad  (hard to see in this photo...my apologies for the poor photo in general...I usually shoot outside,and it was storming this week end! ). This ring is about the mysteries of love. It is about soul-mates (and I believe we all have a number of them!). Its about a love that shines a light so deep into the recesses and nooks and crannies of who we are that you don't need to wear it on your sleeve (or your finger) because you just know it, in your bones, your lovely bones. Its about love that is completely uncomplicated and yet at the same time so complex and multifaceted that you could never in a million years unravel the true mysteries of the how 's and why's ....and...that is the beauty of it all... I always say, if it were easy or common, we would never treasure it so. The best part? Though this ring was designed custom, I was given permission to add it to my collection! Just need to make a couple more. Love made visible...uh-huh!
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