all you need is love....

I am deeply ashamed to admit it, but Valentine's Day makes me grumpy! I am a great believer in telling folks you love them in every day kinda ways, and  this obligatory geeky-heart-fest sends me into orbit. I have have given Valentines, I have recieved them. I have wished for them and had them not appear. They have arrived from unexpected senders, sometimes welcome, sometimes not. Yet all the more, this day makes me dream of honest expressions in those small moments on a daily basis that feel "right". There is something about Valentine's Day that just spoils the romance for me. I think its all that pressure, to "get it right"  in that designated 24 hours that irks....that, and the fact that some folks get 'left out' of the fray, and  THAT breaks my heart.
     Some of my best selling pieces are from my "te amo" collection. These pieces feature a milagro heart with wings, classic symbol of everlasting love and faith. I suppose, somethings got to be said for that, though I am not sure what?Thoughts of love are often the most difficult to articulate, and I  think that if it (love) was easy to identify and find, then perhaps we would not cherish it so....and there are so many different KINDS of love...romantic love, familial love, friendship love, pet love, nature love, spiritual love...truth be told, in the end, what we all most likely will want to know is "was I loved? did I love well?". So, I have decided, one commercially driven day is simply not enough! I hereby proclaim EVERY day to be Valentine's Day!  Lets be radical..send a Valentine to someone you know who really needs one today...and would never in a million years expect it!
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