and the winner is....!

well, Lolita was feeling kinda fussy this morning....she just was more into playing with her stuffed fleecy crab ( her all time favorite toy!), so Miss Hazel did the honors!.....the new owner of this silver worry stone pendant is CORI!......congratulations, Cori!...please shoot me an e mail at kerinrosestudio(at) letting me where to send this off too, and it shall be on its way!

my deepest thanks and appreciation to ALL of you who took the time out of your busy lives to stop in, and let me know you were here...all of these lovely comments were so unexpected!....I was assuming that they would read more to the effect of "hi, I was here!" top of it all, I am feeling full of everyones, goodwill, support, and so happy that what I am trying to achieve with my work is truly  coming across!...for all of you, if you own a piece, may it bring you continued happiness and pleasure always, and to all of you that simply stop by to say hi, read my silly tidbits and musings, thank you for sharing your journey...

stay tuned, there will be more opportunities to come!

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