august birthstone....peridot!.....

 In Ancient Egyptian culture, peridots were called ' the gem of the sun'....this was describing the flashes of  color produced when the sun passed through them...interestingly, the mining method used by the Egyptians was to scout out peridot at night, (when they supposedly glowed in the dark), mark their locations, and then return during the day for retrieval. For that reason, peridot has, amongst its many names, been called "evening emerald". Hmmmm?. Egyptian priests drank a caffeinated beverage called "soma" from carved peridot cups to connect themselves to the energy of Isis, goddess of nature. Considered a tonic for the soul, peridot is believed to offer protection from negativity, and to be capable of dispersing fear, anger and jealousy.

 Like many gems, peridot is formed as the result of volcanic activity. In Hawaii, peridot crystals found in the black sands are called 'tears of Pele'; named for the volcano goddess, who was torn apart by her sister, but now happily presides over a crater on one of the islands! The forces of nature are considered to be alive and well inside this stone, and they are symbolic of vitality. Giving peridot as a gift will symbolize new growth in the future and keep a relationship on a path of renewal.  Peridots support strength, both to the individual and any pairing!

Peridot has been mined as early as 1500BC in Egypt, and can be found in Arizona, Norway, Brazil, Australia, Burma, Zimbabwe, and of course, Hawaii. 

Peridot's ability to protect against negativity is amplified  when the set in gold....perfect for my 'el sol y la luna' earrings...the sun and the moon, teardrop peridot cabochons, set in recycled 14 karat yellow gold suns, with  sterling silver moons....! (There is a photo of these lovelies in my shop...amazing how one piece of jewelry can appear so different in a different metal!)

My sister, whose birthstone is topaz, is crazy about peridots...anything green, I think! here is one of my sunflower rings that I made for her featuring a beautiful 10 mm peridot cabochon...

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