Autumn Equinox is soon upon us.....

Hello sweet friends!
This is the time of year when the suns rays shine directly on the equator...the Northern hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun; we have the Autumn equinox on September 22nd which officially marks the end of summer and the beginning of our earth Mama's preparation for winter's rejuvenating intermission. It's a time to refill the well, rest and germinate plans for the next season of growth!....If you have followed my artist journey, I am currently germinating some change myself, taking a deep dive into ceramics. My dream is to work on a larger scale than jewelry offers in the future; still creating soul-infused, talismanic work but on a larger scale. I don't know where this next leg of the journey will take me, but I have always seen growth in this life to be the spark that keeps things interesting!
On the note of preparing for winter, I am not yet ready to offer you my ceramic works ( coming very soon!) but am thrilled to offer you a recipe to make your very own elderberry tincture! So easy, but so expensive in stores....I hope you will give it a try! Easy peasy, and so great for immunity!
1/2 cup dried organic elderberries ( easily found online if you dont have a source!)
1 cinnamon stick, 5 cloves, 1T grated ginger
2 cups water + 1 cup honey
combine all ingredients except honey, band bring to a boil.
reduce heat to a simmer, and cook down till liquid is down to 1 cup
strain, pulling out elderberries and spices ....add honey
bottle and keep in refridgerator
here's to your health!
be well, and please keep in touch I would love to hear from you!
sending so much love,
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