Broken beauty.....

kerin rose, sunflowerTo be whole, let yourself break. To be straight, let yourself bend. To be full, let yourself be empty. To be new, let yourself wear out. To have everything,
give everything up
~Tao Te Ching~

I found this piece of wisdom on a lovely blog that I have recently been aligns with another  thoughtI had...and it is that we are at our most powerful and full of the greatest number of possibilities when we are at our most 'broken'....think of it...when what you believed about yourself and your life disappears, almost anything is possible in the rebuilding

hopes, dreams, all of it can be born anew

anything is possible, when you are staring at a blank piece of paper

I have some new jewels to show you, but this I just had to share

always, beneath the surface of something broken

lies beauty


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