I  wanted to share with you all a piece I have been working's something I do very on a custom piece....I get asked to all the time...I will be honest, custom isn't so much 'my thing'...I have jewelry making friends who have built pretty large businesses on that premise..and love it...maybe its leftover 'stuff' from my years in the film industry, but I just enjoy 'doing my thing' these days...
every once in a while, a special someone asks...I don't know if it's the idea that catches my fancy, or the inquirers personal juju ( or both) .... but something in my heart will say 'yes!'...and away we go...
this bracelet is a work in progress, and just such a piece....

We are calling it the 'samudra' bracelet
Sanskrit for 'ocean' or 'gathering of waters' and 'confluence'
I love this symbolism on so very many levels
as it not only represents the powerful, strong, flowing spirit of the soul that requested I bring it to fruition,
but the confluence of spirits here in the magical electronic box on which I type these words....
Samudra has brought us here, to this moment of flow
of mind and heart.
still some work to do, stones to seat, patina and final polish....
and of course, the addition of the lovely wrist it will rest on to make it truly complete

I can hear the  thrum of the ocean moving across the links...
  she is a true and feminine spirit, for sure
and if I haven't said it enough lately
it is with a deep gratitude that I welcome your visits here
thank you ALL for joining me, in this time and place

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