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kerin rose, dogopoly kerin rose, dogopoly, snake eyes kerin rose, dogopoly kerin rose, dogopoly I have been traveling a bit these last few weeks, and promise an update on what I have been up to....( new work for a fall show, new learning, new friends) the meantime I just wanted to share with you Saturday night's sister broke out her " Dog-opoly" game for its maiden voyage....and invited Queen Bee over for what turned into a bloodthirsty duel for doggie real estate ( yes, in this one you buy dog houses and big bones!) Obviously, strategy and money management  are not my thing....notice HIS side of the board ( perhaps his cool Vermont topo map t-shirt helped him win?) and MINE ( the one with one dollar, and no, those dog houses are not mine either!) least I did not have to be the 'flea' playing no no...I got to be the fire hydrant!  (Oh, yeah, I forgot to say, I did have fun yelling 'snake eyes' every time I got a double  number roll...I know very well that  technically that is not correct, but I had to spice things up for myself somehow! :) Hope  you are enjoying the first stirrings of Fall...namaste...and  a deep bow...xxo K
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