I have been dreaming.....dreaming of mandalas. Some crazy piece of metal has been weaving its way towards the top of my conscious mind, and  I am almost ready to share the finished product with you all. In the meantime, I will take the opportunity to share a little about mandalas and some wonderful sites I found. 
   For starters...mandalas are sacred circles appearing in nature, art and in the earliest consciousness of young childrens' scribbles. They are all around us. Mandala is the sanskrit word for 'circle' or 'community'. 
    Mandalas represent wholeness and can be  seen as a model for the organizational structure of life. They serve as a connection between the material and the spiritual worlds, material and non material realities. Mandalas represent the myriads of circles we are a part of...our circle of friends, our families, our communities, the circle of life. This wonderful site about mandalas in religion, in nature, and just about everywhere else, defines 'mandala' better than I ever could...But you must check out these mandalas created by Sue O'Kieffe a visionary digital artist whose blog I serendipitously stumbled upon, as I was attempting to figure out what kind of image was  knocking on the walls of my subconscious. Sue created the mandala you see here, a work titled  Depth of Wonder, which is part of her Dream Mandala series. She photographs objects from nature and transforms them digitally into these mediative pieces that leave me speechless. And that is the true beauty of mandala art...there is something so ancient, so universal, so healing,  that we do not need words to describe them...they are something simply to meditate on, appreciate and feel...
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