Lolita has urged me to send another one of her milagros out into the universe to spread the word!..we have donated numerous specimens of this piece, given away a good number to not-for-profits to raffle off 
(in  particular Greyhound Rescue and Save-Our-Strays) and are planning to forward one to the new first dog when he or she finally arrives!
  Here's how the contest works...just leave a comment on this blog, so I know you were here...tell me your Best Dog story...we will put put your names in a bowl, draw one on Friday, March 20th, and fast as you can say "le chien, el perro", or simply "bow wow", one of these babies will be winging its way to you, and $25 will be winging its way to Save-Our-Strays, a volunteer network of people that places strays all over the country, completely using their personal resources. 
  Come on!...every canine needs her bling!...or, as my mom would say  " $40,000 for art school, and you're making jewelry for dogs?!"   You betcha!.....tell us your story....
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