Handmade Love

So, I put it out there. I think I suggested folks "send a valentine to someone who might not be expecting it" and look what I received! This bit of amazement came in the email today, from a new friend Kelly Buntin Johnson, who I 'met' because I was deeply intrigued by her work. I read about Kelly in a book called Living the Creative Life written by an artist friend of hers named Rice Freeman Zachery. Rice keeps an interesting blog called the voodoo cafe, where she writes about art, writing and creativity. Kelly's work  can be seen at her site that she calls diddy-wa-diddy.  Both Kelly and Rice, work with fiber, Kelly creating sculptures that she calls intercessors, munecos santos, and other types of work. Rice creates journals on clothing, and is a writer. These artists both seem to work from their intellect AND their hearts, making they do incredibly powerful. Check them out!.....and Kelly, thanks ever so much for the lovely surprise...it touched my heart!
  Oh, I forgot, Kelly made this piece, I believe its  a brooch, and it can be found for sale, along with all sorts of other delectables created by Kelly and her metal sculptor husband Rhett at their online gallery. Take a peek here!
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