kerin rose, birds kerin rose,bronze sculpture What I've been up to....and  boy do I have stories to tell...! For one thing...I am playing...creatively... mostly with some 2-d stuff...been so very long, but its my nature to look for something to catapult myself out of anything that makes me feel 'stuck'. I call myself a 3 dimensional artist...never ever felt my strengths were with paper and pen...I draw serviceably enough, but really wanted to experience the easy joy of taking pen to paper without the  hang up of what the result will be ( see, even someone who earns their living as an artist has 'doubts'!) ...so I signed myself up for this , whisked myself off to the local art supply shop w/ a gift certificate I got from one of my fave little students, and treated myself to a bunch of brand spankin' new markers and pens ( god, is there anything like  sharpening a brand new pencil for the very first time!...I still can smell my new crayon boxes from when I was little in my memories)...it feels good.... It gets  me to  thinking about the things we give ourselves 'permission' for...or not... the labels we place on ourselves...definitions...when someone asks..."what do you do?" I would like to be able to answer: " I do LIFE!" What have you been do-ing with your long summer days? (as for the bronze and wax birds, more to come...they are from my adventures last week)
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