how to be alone.......

Traveling to NM alone, I looked forward to that time of being a.w.o.l... I love the idea of a chunk of time where no one knows where I am, or can get in touch ( sort of totally the opposite of today's hyper-connected world!)....I think in another life I would have loved to be a long-distance trucker or something....I love to drive and THINK!....yet, everywhere I went and sat, someone chatted me up....I enjoy the company much of the time, but there is something about being in transit during travel that makes me want to be my own head...solving the world's problems ( he he!), figuring out what's next in my own life, reading a gooooood book without interruptions or distractions.....anyhoo, I came across this video on Susannah Conway's blog ( if you don't already know about her, she is just the LOVELIEST!) and I just thought it was in the spirit of sharing, check it out if you have 4 minutes or so....

what is your favorite thing to do by yourself?

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