I've been cyber-tagged!

I've been cyber tagged by Phyllis of http://www.personaltreasures.blogspot.com/. It's a fun way to network and explore new blogs...
Here are the rules:
-link to your tagger and list these rules
-share 7 facts about yourself ( random or unusual are ok!)
-tag 7 folks at the end of your post by leaving their names and links to their blogs
-let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

My 7 facts:

-I used to have a pet guinea hen named Gertrude
-I could eat pizza happily, 7 days a week
-I have been making jewelry since I was 13 years old
-My first job out of college was designing and sewing all of Miss Piggy's gowns
-I can tap dance
-I talk a lot, but am actually fairly shy
-I believe in peace !

I am tagging some of my favorite friends and artists...there are many more, but they don't BLOG!
Tabbatha Henry who creates beautiful porcelain sculptures and luminaries
Luann Udell who creates the most unique and powerful polymer beadwork and fiber art
Ivy Long who makes jewelry that is evocative of another era with the most intricate crochet
Marilyn Rock who creates mixed media work and nurtures others along in their process
Kelly Buntin Johnson whose artwork in the form of soft scupltures fascinates me
Michaela Dawn an artist whose photography I am lusting for these days!
Diana Fayt another artist working in clay, whose work I deeply admire....

that's what I've got...happy web surfing!

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