I want to give this to you so badly.......

kerin rose, shelburne orchards, ginger jack , jewelryIt is officially that in between time around here I call the doldrums....blazing glory of Fall, gone with a wave of  back to back rain storms....no clean white snow and gorgeous winter scenes to look at....just grey naked trees and  grey-er skies. Add to that daylight savings time and driving home in that low slanting light just makes you wanna put on your pj's the moment you enter the house. So....I have decided to host me a little pick-me-up party!....I am sharing with you my all time favorito seasonal never fail jolt your nervous system wide awake ginger jack nectar...from the gorgeously picturesque Shelburne Orchards near my home. Ginger Jack is a non-alcoholic elixir from some sort of secret recipe they will not divulge..I am a fiend for this stuff!...if you are a GINGER lover too  ( you know who you are!)  this elixir is not to be missed...they only make it in the fall, and when its gone, its gone until next year. It is hot hot hot at the back of your throat...great for immunity, digestion, and basically the best warm up I can imagine.....I enjoy a little straight up in a small shotglass before or after dinner, but you can do as you please with it!....I am sweetening the deal by wrapping it in one of my "kerin rose" t shirts. Organic cotton, and dyes, with my logo and " embellished soul" written on the back. -All you have to do is leave me a howdy here on my blog, and that counts as+ one entry. -If you feel like blogging a link on your blog+ one entry - become a facebook friend on kerin rose jewels+ one entry ( just pop back here and let me know where you might have left some footprints!) and of course I hope you will sign up to follow my blog....as I love having your company on this life journey...tell your friends, tell your familia....this ginger jack is unreal!... I am sweetening the deal with a 'kerin rose' t-shirt....organic cotton and dyes,scoop neck tissue t, with "embellished soul" written across the back... but I know that you most likely don't have to tell anyone that!.... random number generator will pick me a winner on Sunday @ 5 EST... salut!
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