India.Arie and Idan Raichel...Open Door.......

I was at our gorgeous local theatre, the Flynn last night, listening to this..I feel so lucky in that I currently live in a teeny tiny place ( largest city is 34000) but we get gigantic talent passing thru all the time....a caveat, this TED video is 24 minutes long, but SO worth it...she talks about the roots of creativity, the difference between expression and expectation..its all about her personal journey to becoming the artist she is meant to be...and if you are not into creating, a beautiful message about finding your authentic voice...( we all have our purpose on this earth walk!) sit yourself down with a cuppa of your favorite brew, and give a won't be sorry...this woman is a gorgeous joyful gift! wishing you a weekend full of whatever it is you want to be filled with! xox namaste, K  
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