I have to admit, I've never been
 much of a making can be a lonely business....many  hours, alone in the studio, nothing to keep company but your thoughts, trusty ipod (best invention since sliced bread!) and if you are lucky, a trusty dog, who thinks everything you make is BEEYOUTEEFUL! Here and there it can get to me, so reach out to community I did...I have been juried in to an international group of metalsmiths who call themselves EtsyMetal. There are artists who do this full time and some who engage in other facets of creative work  in addition ( I spied some graphic designers, and a host of other creative professions when I was reading some of the bios of the group), folks with tons of experience, and newbies  to everything in between. The tie that seems to bind this group is a love of shiny things and little tiny tools! What struck me the most in perusing the etsymetal teams' website is the absolute expanse of ways all of these artists are working the same medium. Some of us melt, some of us swing a hammer, some twist and manipulate wires...we solder, saw, string and shine metal to bring more beauty into the world. I would like to give a grand old shout out to the lovely Beth Cyr, who mentored me into being a part of this community! I look forward to dialogue about one of my most favorite subjects, METAL!
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