Life is a glorious rainbow....

[caption id="attachment_990" align="aligncenter" width="580" caption="kerin rose, cherry bells, campanula"]kerin rose, gardenkerin rose, gardenkerin rose, garden[/caption] kerin rose, HenryCreeping around my little garden to-day ( the one behind my house...not the big farming plot I work on!) I feel overwhelmed with gratitude...for the large and the small things that make up my life....having lived large chunks of my life in both concrete jungle, and high desert,  I realize daily the depths to which I completely took  some things for granted.. Which is not to say that I didnt give a hoot about the earth...I recycled way before it bacame 'popular'..I used 'natural' cleaning products, etc etc...but it WASN'T until I laid a table for dinner one  day a few years ago, that I looked at the spread, and realized that I had GROWN  every single thing I was looking at with my own two hands ( with some help from my sister...we work the garden, the big one, together)...for me, this moment was akin to being hit by was a .... I often wonder how it is possible to not care?  choose not to tread as lightly as possible on this Mother Earth? we are she and she is heart breaks sometimes when I think of what we have done....and  I believe ,  that if every one of us had to grow at least some of their own would help us to understand..and  make the connection.... I believe it is the 'easy way out' to remain is a rainbow of colors...and we are all a part of it... Hoping your day is beautiful...namaste...xo K
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