March aquamarine!

So, March birthstone, Aquamarine does not get her name from anything quite as mythical as Amethyst's story,  but it is derived from the Roman word for "aqua" meaning water, and "mare" meaning sea. Some say aquamarines were sacred to Neptune, Roman God of the Sea. The jewel is believed to have fallen from the jewel box of one of the Sirens, and washed to shore. The Sirens, were 3 half woman, half bird creatures ( in modern times often depicted as half fish...a mermaid!) that lured sailors to their death on the rocky shores of the island where they lived,with voices, music and song, so beautiful they were considered impossible to ignore. Odysseus  and his crew did indeed avoid their call by tying themselves to the mast of their ship as they sailed by. They enticed sailors with promises of wisdom and and enlightened spirit, and it was said that when the first sailors passed without responding their song would no longer be heard! Early sailors wore aquamarine talismans to protect them from the dangers of the sea....
  Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family of minerals that crystallizes with igneous rock on the earth's crust. It's color can range from clear to the very valuable emeralds! The specimens we call aquamarine are shades of light to turquoise green-blue. Unusual  fact, the majority of aquamarines come out of the ground absolutely flawless, not having inclusions that can interfere with the value of many stones. They ( the aquamarine colored beryls) are abundant, and can be found mostly in Brazil, but also in the United States, India, Africa and China.
   The stone is said to enhance feelings of safety and security, particularly in long standing relationships, and is believed to  be capable of energizing a tired marriage! I don't know about that, but it certainly is a lovely stone, and perfect welcome to spring!

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