Mardi Gras in Burlington.....

 So, early Saturday morning, my sister, secret agent 99 and I headed to Church St at 7:30 am to yarnbomb some of the statuary outside city hall and in front of some of the shops...the occasion? Mardi Gras!...and no, Burlington is not really a sister city with New Orleans or anything like that!...the Magic Hat brewing company, who you might have heard of if you drink brew, celebrates Mardi Gras here every year....hours after we bombed the street, it was filled with crazy revelers, homemade floats, bands riding them and all kinds of folks wailing beads and candy, wearing masks and having a rowdy old time! can get a feel for what it looks like if you go HERE and click on where it says "media", here is the funny part...we went downtown to measure all of these ladies and gents for their party gear...being the stealthy girls we are, we went early in the am, to avoid attention. Just as my sis was rattling off the measurements of Ms. Deer's legs, a bellow-y voice behind me says " I know what you girls are up to....your gonna knit that deer some leg warmers!".....It was a homeless gentleman, on his way up to the tope of Church St. where Salvation army gives out coffee in the morning. I tell you, it was the Universe telling me something!...perhaps I am waaaay more transparent than I think I am....either that, or it was letting me know I simply do not have a next career in espionage! enjoy!
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