Michael Franti and Spearhead

Last night I had to opportunity see Michael Franti perform, with his band Spearhead at the most beautiful Shelburne Museum here in Vermont.  I am a longtime musical fan but had never had the live and in person experience. In these troubling times, activism, or at least having the cojones to speak out ( in this amazing country where we still CAN)  seems to be at a record low....we, as a nation have been encouraged to "go shopping" instead!...

The message  and  Michael's ability to MOVE people was palpable....I can't remember the last time a concert was so much more than great music. It felt like a spiritual experience from all the connected energy in the place..

 Martha Graham, the grand dame of  modern dance said in a master class I took with her  that " dance was an offering to God, and that you danced when the emotions you felt were more than mere words could express"..... the writer, Emile Zola said that an artist is someone who is not afraid to "live their life out loud." Thank you Michael and Co. for having the guts and the heart to do so....thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  Thank you for making us dance! Check out more about them at www.spearheadvibrations.com   namaste!
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