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Just a little bit has been going on in my creative space this some of you may ( or may not) know, the price of precious metals has been skyrocketing as of late. I specialize in using ONLY recycled metals in my work, but a friend who does some casting suggested trying out a new alloy of bronze that he said looked like "14 Karat" I did! is my mandala ring, cast in bronze with a sterling shank. What is really interesting to me is how the same carving looks so DIFFERENT in a different color metal! To be honest, I do not think this is something I see myself working with in the future, as it is not recycled ; recreating the alloy myself would be way beyond my capacities, and really, I have to stay true to my heart and my mission of only working with recycled metals and conflict free stones. Nevertheless, this was a fun adventure!...let me know what you think!
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