my new fashion statement.......

I tell you, its the little things in life!....I have graduated to this LOVELY fashionista boot...can I have a yee -ha?  I am still on sit-on-your -bum-with-your-foot-up detail ( and wont be able to drive for a looooong time, as its my left, and I am a lifelong diehard stick shift driver)....but....this thing has a rolly bottom, like one of those mbt shoes....(very coincidentally featured in The Joneses, the film that featured my jewelry) and though I am still not allowed to walk around, and I cannot put any pressure on it, it allows me to touch down lightly while using the crutches and have some sense of balance and not feel as if I am about to pitch forward and break something, love, love, love my new shoe!

so, on that note:
I crawled ( literally!) to my studio yesterday for the first time since this happened..have had a few items that were desperately needing my attention. It it actually felt great to do a little bit of work....I began the carving a custom piece that is to be a wedding gift for a guy that travels a incorporates a St. Christopher's medal ( Patron Saint of Travellers)  which is something I have never done before. It will be set in the center, and surrounded by black diamonds, with personal engraving adorning the back. The four 'tabs' are references to a cross, but also the four directions, like a compass to find your way home.I just wanted to give you a sneak peek into my process still has quite a ways to go, but this is what it looks like so far so, please excuse the very  rough nature of the carving! A good friend of mine calls the interim stage of creating a work of art "amateur hour" know, that place where you can see where it might be going, but it still looks like you don't quite know what you're doing! :)
   I'll post the finished product when it is complete...
this metamorphosis from a hunk of wax to a bejewlled piece of precious metal just never ceases to amaze me...but that is good thing I suppose?
in the meantime, I am wishing all of you a gorgeous week!
ox K
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