On Bohdi deluxe and gravatar avatars.....

I just had the opportunity to create one of my  bohdi leaf necklaces for a lovely customer who envisioned 100 inches of silver goodness!....I usually make this piece 6o" long, with 5 leaves stationed asymmetrically around the chain. This one has 7, quite an auspicious number! The number 7 is considered  lucky, and holds a definite mystique, as it is a prime number. There are 7 days of the week, named after various ancient Gods and planets. In the Christian tradiation, there are 7 deadly sins. There are 7 candles on a Jewish menorah. In Ancient Egypt, there were thought to be 7 paths to heaven. You get 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror in American folk traditions..and in Iran, I have read ( MLJ is this true?) cats are believed to have 7 lives, not 9!...I could go on and on and on! I personally have always loved 7 because I was born the seventh month of the year...and am such a wonk that I always have to have 7's in my phone number, and car license plate and anywhere else I can squeeze it into my life. ( I tend to drive folks at the DMV and places like that a little crazy I think! ) Anyways,  I love the drama and presence of the extra length... it's a real statement piece that can become a signature for the woman who wears it. That, and the fact that In the Buddhist belief system, it is said that Buddha himself found enlightenment while meditating under the Bohdi tree just makes this necklace feel really special to me! On another note, a friend mentioned to me that since  my move to wordpress, she is missing the avatars that pop up when readers leave comments...so, just a word on this if you are missing your little picture ( I know I am!....I love to see everyones little dash of personality and creativity!)....Wordpress uses something called the gravatar system. It allows you to create a universal avatar that follows you all over the web. If you upload one, it will show up on wordpress blogs, typepad blogs and any other site using the system. It is easy to do, takes  about 2 seconds, and you can change them any time you like. Just go to www.gravatar.com and follow the directions... I dont mind one way or the other, if you prefer the little blocks that wordpress slips in here, then go for it!...but for those of you who need the little personal touch, that's how it works!... Off to carve me pumpkins!....hoping your Halloween is SCARY!
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