paying it forward....

  I have to admit, for all of my belief in the universe, I have a paranoid nature. By that I mean that I guard my privacy ferociously ( and here I am blogging! ). I received an email from an organization called Giving Anonymously, telling me that they had money for me from someone who wanted to remain anonymous. Yeah, right!...they wanted verification of my snail mail address, so they could send me a check.  Of course, my immediate thought was this was some weird scam and to hit the "delete" button, but something in my head urged me to investigate further. I googled, called my friend who is a private eye, put it out to my etsy metal team, and left a phone message at their 800 number. 
  Well, last night, someone called me back, and we spoke for a good while. After being embarassingly honest about my 'fears', he told me they could sent the funds via my paypal account. I agreed to this, as it did not involve giving out any info more than they already had, and well, $50 was sent to my account early this morning!
   So, whoever you are, you are quite wise, in that you know I would NEVER have accepted money just like that....this was an interesting tactic, and it made me laugh at myself! I would like to let you know that my plan is to pay this gift forward. Fifty dollars is what I charge for my Lolita's Milagro tags. All of the profits from the sale of these are given as donations to various animal rescue organizations.  It is a very small way I can give back, for the gift that my rescued Lolita has been in my life.  I have an intuition I know who you are. Thank you for supporting my work, and  know that the money has been sent to Best Friends Sanctuary  in Kanab, Utah. Thank you to the folks at for doing what you do.
  Deepest gratitude....and may the rainbow  always touch your shoulder

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