September birthstone....sapphire....

  This heavenly stone is named after the Greek word 'sapphirus', which means blue! This is the most prized specimen of the mineral corundum,  which appears in every color of the rainbow; the red ones being called rubies, and all the others designated as 'sapphires'. A traditional favorite amongst royalty and priests for centuries, as it was symbolic of purity and wisdom.
  Some ancient civilizations believed our planet was set upon an enormous sapphire that made the sky appear blue with its reflection. There is also a legend that the ten commandments were inscribed on tablets made of sapphire, giving this stone a revered place amongst precious  minerals.
  Mined as early as 7 th century b. c. in what is now Sri Lanka, they are also found in China, Madagascar, Tanzania,Thailand, Australia, and the United  as you can see, they are fairly widespread and available, though large specimens are extremely rare, and quite valuable,
  The most famous sapphire is the Star of India, which lives in the American Museum of Natural History. It is 563 carats and is cut to reflect light from its inclusions to reveal a 6 pointed star pattern.
  Second only to a diamond in hardness, a gift of sapphire represents faithfulness. Prince Charles gave one to Princess Diana for her engagement ring...hmmmm!
 Blue being the most popular favorite colour, calming, reminding of our incredible sky, it is no wonder this stone  speaks to so many...
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