shirkin' my workin'.....

Well, its an unseasonably warm, grey, grey, rainy weekend here, and I've massive amounts of work to do for upcoming shows and sales...but you know that itchy feeling, where you just cannot get yourself down to brass tacks and do what needs to get done? sister is a terrible influence....oh, yes!


We went on a chocolate mission! yesiree, off we snuck and drove down to the cool little town of Vergennes to see Jen at her shop, Daily Chocolate, Goddess of all good things cacao, creatrix  of such delights as Moroccan garam masala bark, dark chocolate coconut lime truffles, maple infused cacao nibs,  Toffee black cherry chocolate bark,  and so much more!.....I guarantee you, hands down, this is the best chocolate you have ever tasted in your life....and if you come to visit our lovely state,  her shop is a must see stop....if you dont go, I might just have to swoop you up and we'll go on a chocolate mission of our own!
Full of more antioxidants than a glass of wine, Jen can explain how good for you it is.....
Artistry in edible form! And the best way I can POSSIBLY think of to procrastinate! Next time you must all come along with us!...what do YOU do when you need to go on a secret mission?
well, look what my friend Michaela was up to yesterday!....the world was aligned in cacao-ness!
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