something I have been pondering.......

Have you ever thought about the sheer power of words? That the simple ( or complex ) act of writing them down or giving voice can birth a chain reaction both yin and yang. A chain reaction of inspiration and desperation, connection and destruction, friendship and alienation, love and war, understanding and confusion, beginnings and  endings. The simple turn of a phrase, either misunderstood or misinterpreted, can redirect a desired outcome like the flip of a quarter.We can be so impulsive with them, not thinking about the impact of what we are about to say.....We use them with reckless abandonment all day long, every day....sending them out into the universe with barely a forethought, barely venturing to embrace how far the repercussions from a simple statement can travel... journeying through generations..... piercing through someone else's heart....
this week my heart was broken by words...and it did far more damage than a hand could ever have done
 sticks and stones might break our bones, but words most definitely can hurt us

teach your children well 

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