speaking of gifts....

Speaking of gifts, I was sorting through a bunch of things, and realized ( I really don't know where my head is at lately!)  I had missed posting about the amazing gift I received from winning Michaela Dawn's giveaway in September, thanks to her son Eli's 'magic hands'!.....THIS BOUNTY arrived from a  most lovely lady bird who resides  in our heartland of South Dakota!
   The highlight of this beautiful care package was, of course The Lakota Way by James Marshall, but some of the BEST bread and butter pickles I have ever tasted, strawberry jam, homemade for her farmer's market, tea
( for sustenance! :)....and...Michaela's wall linen photo of my beloved sunflowers. ( This now sits in a place of highest importance in my little 'dresser top altar' of 'life things'!)
  Michaela is just one of those people, from the moment you encounter them... you can tell... is so full of riches...and I mean of the heart-soul kind. I found her website www.michaeladawn.com via her comments on my friend Ivy's blog...and what I discovered there was so intriguing....she is a gal who walks her talk....Michaela is wife, mother,daughter, organic farmer, architectural drafter, photographer, fiber artist, writer, friend...and now a budding silversmith....this path was pioneered for her by her Dad....I know it is in her bones.. and I want to support her in any way I can.....and for  an extra bonus to a lucky winner, this month of December, a pair of her sweet 'Reflection' earrings might be yours!.....to use 'Michaela-speak'...fly on over for a bit, and rest your wings!....say 'hello', and let her know I sent you! Fly here:

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