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I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day...for a myriad of reasons...(it would take a LARGE pot o' tea and an hour of your time for me to explain)....but , I AM a huge fan of LOVE....the  365 day a year kind! So, I am  offering up an opportunity to spread it around, in honor of St. Valentines.....this is an unusual giveaway, in the bloggy scheme of things, because what I am giving away (with the help of Heifer International is  an opportunity to win something to pay it forward....globally. So, amigas and amigos, tell me your thoughts about letting others know, REALLY know that you love them?....how do you best express it?.. is there anything you 'do'?....I will choose a winner  ( except I reckon in this case we are all winners) and send the gift of a bee hive in your name. And , to express my gratitude for your presence on these fine electronic pages, I will send to you a  giant handful of my homemade beeswax tea light candles, scented w/ sandalwood , cinnamon and patchouli, plus a few other little treats to sweeten the deal... This one is just for fun...I mean, how many creative ways can we let others know we love them? And hopefully, it is stuff that we do and say  all of the other 364 days a year...in my book, that is really what counts.... (note: our bees are all buttoned up and sleeping for the winter...their sincerest apologies for looking a tad 'un photogenic':)..... they asked me to please not let you forget that they love us by pollinating what we grow so we can have food I am so looking forward to hearing your thoughts!...xx K
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