sueno con los angelitos......

    I  completed this piece around the same time as my mandala ring. It features the milagro symbol of a heart with wings, representing everlasting love and devotion, carved upon a circle, powerful symbol of life.    I kept hearing  this Mexican refrain...suena con los angelitos, or dream with the endearment often used to wish a loved one good night. The psychiatrist and philospher Carl Jung, viewed angels as spirit guides that were capable of sharing knowlege and insight with us via dialogue. In Junigan thought, angels are de facto spiritual mentors...guiding forces on our lifes' journey.
  Jung believed  the human psyche is by nature spiritual. He was a colleague of Freud, but took a much different route in his conception of how our minds work. He strove to understand our inner workings by exploring the world of dreams, art, mythology, religion and philosophy....his belief was that we all carry an identical set of archetypes, or universal symbols grown from the common instincts of all humans.  He called it " the reservoir of the experience of our species". This concept, called the "collective conscious" (sometimes referred to as "the collective subconsicious) does not negate our personal conscious and life experience, but rather, he believed that all of us experience our lives through an individual 'lens' if you will, that is our personal interpretation and experience  of the collective archetypes we are born with. I do believe that there are universal experiences and truths that we all move through in life...  and if we were to share them more openly, more often, we might see that this is true, enabling us to feel more connection, support and love.
   Though Jung was a practicing clinician throughout his life, he studied deeply east/west philosophy, astrology, sociology, literature, the arts and ALCHEMY!....Carl, this piece is my silver song to you...and for anyone who might choose to wear it..sueno con los angelitos!
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