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tenants in the birdhouse!

June 24, 2009 0 Comments

Living in a condo would not be my first choice, but housing is quite pricey in this part of the world at present, and well,  I have done my very best, as you can see from some of my photos to bring as much nature to my patch 'o green as sister picked up this funky birdhouse at a craft fair 3 summers was made by a wild blacksmith who lives on the Canadian border without electricity,  (though he admitted to having a cell phone!) Anyhoo, I am a landlady, as it is currently OCCUPIED!...Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee have hatched their new brood inside!...quite protective are they, as they yell and scream when I step outside from the nearest tree. Busy, busy flying back and forth with dead bugs and the like...I tell you its a working life! I tried to take a shot inside but it is way too dark in there. I could make out at least 3 little open beaks in the darkness, but I really was afraid to get too close, and the zoom on my camera only works so far. What fun, what cool....I am getting to be a bird auntie!