the golden moment.......

Its the time of year around these parts that we begin to transition to  a different rhythm....the hustle and bustle of the growing season  winds down, cover crop of winter rye is spread, garlic plantings are  planned and the leaves are just beginning  to show hints of the unimaginable blaze of colour that will overtake our landscape in the next couple of weeks. Last weekend,  my sister and Maria harvested the honey from the hives. Pounds and pounds of the golden gift came oozing out of the frames! Manna from heaven! No wonder  Ancient Egyptians (amongst many things), used  honey as an offering to  a number of their deities...!.... And of course, you know what will happen to the wax...:) a few weeks, the girls will get buttoned up for the the meantime, we are all filled with gratitude...and such a deep knowingness that we are  a part of the circle of life...I know it may sound a bit corny, but you really cannot escape that when you keep bees...they are such a reminder....tread softly on this earth...we are  her and she is us...  wishing you moments of unbearable beauty this week! namaste, xx Kerin
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