The Joneses.....with Demi Moore opens April 16th.....

Heya ho...just a little bit of news I have been keeping  under my hat  that I finally can officially share with you..about a year and a half ago ( yes, it takes that long, sometimes even twice that) my work was chosen by  costume designer Renee Kalfus to be in a film called The Joneses starring an absolute fave of mine, Demi Moore and David Duchovny! A fact about me that some of you might not know is that in one of my former lives, I was a costume designer for film and tv...and I have to say,it was just such a BLAST to be on the other end this time! Anyhoo, I have not a clue exactly which pieces were featured on which characters ( I sent them a box with about 15 or 20 things) so, as you can imagine, it will be great fun to see this for the first time!
And to add a little bit to the notion of the circularity of life, the production designer for this film is the fab Kristi Zea...waaaaay back when I assisted her on a few films...Birdy, Fame, Shoot the Moon..
She continued forward in the industry, expanding her professional horizons well beyond costume design...
and here I am again, years later, connected to the industry I left long ago, in a small way!

 The Jonese is described as a "dark comedy" about American consumerist culture,  I dont want to give away the entire premise, but I promise, it is really cool....

hoping your week is shiny and bright!
ox Kerin
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